invites inquiries from qualified automotive websites including car shopping portals, automotive data providers, car comparison research and review sites, and others seeking to provide high-quality, objective data for consumers interested in the environmental performance of motor vehicles.

This website demonstrates the use of the AutoEcoRating algorithm in order to provide the automotive sales and marketing community with explantions of the system, examples of the ratings and how they can be used to enhance the green-oriented content available to consumers. For interested consumers, the site offers data about the total environmental impact of a selection of vehicles on the market.

AutoEcoRating’s primary model is business-to-business. We license our algorithm so that automotive websites and guidebooks can include highly credible green ratings as part of the information they offer their own consumers. is not itself designed for car sales lead generation, but rather for showcasing the algorithm and its capabilities.

If you are the content manager, application developer, editor or other interested representative of a car shopping portal, dealership, vehicle data solution provider or other automotive website, please contact us to learn more about how AutoEcoRating can work with you to provide exciting new information that will help your consumers make better choices in the ever-expanding world of green car shopping.


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