Today’s car buyers are showing ever greater environmental awareness as they weigh their choices. When a desire to tread more lightly on the planet is part of the purchase picture, AutoEcoRating can help an automotive website help its viewers sort the growing number of green choices.

Eco-sensibility is especially true for the latest generation now coming into the car market. Kids once ferried around in big SUVs are looking for something cool, but of course cool means different things to different people.

Exterior styling, customization and the latest info tech are all part of the equation, but so is the green angle. A recent Deloitte survey found that 35% of young buyers cite environmental friendliness as part of what they’re looking for in a car. That goes for singles as well as young couples whose early driving years were marked by high gas prices and lots of news about consumption gone wrong.

But what is green? Just like “cool,” green can mean different things to different people. Automakers are developing a wide array of new technologies. All of these green-tech options capture the imagination, and every year more of them are making it into the showroom and onto the road. Today’s choices include more than one kind of hybrid from “mild” to plug-in, battery electrics, clean diesel, natural gas and more, as well as advanced gasoline powertrains that boost efficiency without plugging in.

Everyone knows about fuel efficiency and that’s certainly a key green performance metric. But what about tailpipe pollution, and what to make of this array of alternative fuel choices?  AutoEcoRating distills the data behind those options into a single number that reflects the total eco-friendliness of a car or truck. That’s what we call our “eRating” number, and it lets a consumer know just how green one vehicle is relative to another no matter what fuel it uses.

Think of the eRating as a new spec — a green horsepower of sorts — that you can add to your vehicle catalogs and car comparison tools. Head to our Partnering page to learn more about how AutoEcoRating can help you better serve customers who are comparison shopping with the environment in mind.