Meeting the needs of green-leaning consumers

Today’s car consumers are part of a rapidly growing population concerned with the environmental impacts of their purchases.  AutoEcoRating provides a unique way to evaluate a car’s eco-friendliness, providing consumers with richer information than they get by looking at fuel economy alone.

Visualization of word usage in Consumer Reports article "High gas prices motivate drivers to change direction” courtesy of

Word usage in Consumer Reports article “High gas prices motivate drivers to change direction,” courtesy of

Recently, Consumer Reports noted that reducing fuel costs tops the list of consumers’ car buying considerations, followed by technology seen as helping to save fuel. Interestingly, after fuel economy considerations, the desire to be more environmentally friendly was the third motivation.  These 62% of responses, which is an increase from the same survey conducted by Consumer Reports in 2010, represent consumers who are interested in all different aspects of what it means to be “environmentally friendly.”

These trends reflect a new sensibility that makes consumers more careful about their consumption choices. Corporations are responding by providing more information about products as well as more innovative product choices.  In the automotive world, car companies are actively marketing their sustainability reports and promoting efficient and alternative vehicles.

Consumers are information hungry. They desire more and better data about costs, emissions and energy efficiency of the vehicles they contemplate purchasing. When the EPA was developing its recent revisions to the fuel economy window sticker, consumers in focus groups stated that they:

  • liked rating scales that compared “best” and “worst” performers
  • often shop across vehicle classes and desired a single rating system that makes accurate vehicle comparisons
  • preferred a consolidated environmental rating

Source: Consumer Reports

AutoEcoRating is designed to meet these needs. The system provides a simplified metric that enables consumers to evaluate and compare the environmentally friendliness of any vehicle.

AutoEcoRating combines all government certified data for emissions and fuel economy and uses a proprietary algorithm to calculate a vehicle’s eRating. The consumer can use this eRating to make comparisons, even across vehicle classes, and evaluate which cars offer a good green rating in combination with the other features they desire. In short, AutoEcoRating provides the environmental information that your consumers are seeking when it comes to assessing their next vehicle purchase.


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