Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ rated

Toyota and Subaru have joined forces to bring consumers a reasonably priced rear drive sports car capable of providing fun around town — and even thrills at the track — without breaking the bank. The co-developed vehicle is sold under Toyota’s Scion brand as the FR-S and separately as a Subaru BRZ. Both cars clock the same fuel economy and emissions ratings, and so they’re an even match on our eRating scale for similar configurations.

2013 Subaru BRZ

Equipped with an automatic transmission, the FR-S and BRZ both burn a bit less fuel than their manually shifted versions. Once upon a time manuals typically bested their automatic counterparts in term of mileage. Nowadays, given the advances in computer controlled automatic transmission technology, it’s often the other way around. These two sporty coupes earn a respectable 28 mpg equipped with automatics but 25 mpg with manuals (that’s combined city-highway mileage in both cases). As a result, the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ automatics score an eRating of 121, amounting the seven percent cleaner performance than the manual eRatings of 113.

These fast coupes take advantage of some new technologies that deliver great acceleration and speed abilities while maintaining fuel efficiency. Mass is kept low through the use of materials like high-strength steel and aluminum. Parasitic losses are reduced by using an electric power steering pump. A unique fuel injection system, designed by Toyota, optimizes the engine’s power, efficiency and emissions by injecting fuel both directly into the cylinder (direct fuel injection) and before the intake valves (port fuel injection). To help reduce friction and enhance drifting performance on the track, tires created out of a harder compound – and originally used for the Toyota Prius – were spec’d for the car.

Toyota and Subaru have done a great job of creating cars that are great for zipping around city or suburbs while indulging street racer fantasies without emptying your wallet at the gas station on the way home. With attention to both efficiency and and performance,the joint Toyota-Subaru design team has delivered an affordable, efficient, and relatively earth-friendly rides in the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ.

Make and Model$MSRPSpecsMPG
(city / hwy / comb)
Scion FR-S26,3552.0 L 200 hp 4 cyl.,
6-speed auto
25 / 34 / 28121
Subaru BRZ27,3652.0 L 200 hp 4 cyl.,
6-speed auto
25 / 34 / 28121
Scion FR-S25,2552. 0 L 200 hp 4 cyl.,
6-speed manual
22 / 30 / 25113

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